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Kiss My Mutt
Mobile Pet Salon

Kiss My Mutt Mobile Pet Salon provides reliable,
efficient high quality grooming services for your pets
at your home. We use all natural safe products and
state of the art equipment to give your pet a
professional and friendly grooming experience.

Hi, My Name is Holland Stafford

I am the owner of Kiss My Mutt Mobile Pet Salon. I grew up on a horse farm, and always had a passion for all types of animals. It led me to volunteer for animal shelters and to foster animals. I also traveled to other countries to help save endangered species and have volunteered at the NSPCA. I started working for my Mom’s dog grooming business in Northern California for one year. During that time, I became a certified dog handler, groomer, brusher and bather. With this experience and my Mom’s advice, I invested in the best mobile equipment to start my business.

No Car Trip

We are a mobile service and will meet you at the location of your choice. You are welcome!

No Waiting

Once your pup is in our hands, feel free to go about your day. We will contact you when we are done making you best friend huggable again.


No Cages

We don’t use cages to contain your pet before or after their grooming service. They are kept on a leash on-site.


It’s important to us to use only safe, natural products that make your pet’s coat feel clean and look amazing. I use products like Natures Specialty ©. I want to be your first choice for your dog grooming needs.


Bandit and Trigger’s Parents

Our pets are special to us, and you handled them in an understanding, kind manner. Because of your products, Bandits dry nose is now back to normal. And Trigger, a rescue dog wouldn’t go through a doorway when we first got him. Working with Holland has been great – now he jumps right into the tub and loves his bath.

Boom-Boom’s Parents

My dog hates baths…unless he sees Holland. I can’t believe it every time. She is great with my dog. I am truly thankful.

Daisey’s Parents

Holland is the best. Her services are so convenient. I love not having to leave my house to get my puppy groomed. On top of that, Holland and Daisey are best friends!

Call or email me anytime with questions or to make an appointment.